August 15, 2011

RichmondThe folks at Bloomberg Businessweek have determined that Richmond is the 19th most-fun, affordable city in the country. (Which means forget such places as New York, Chicago or L.A.)

The plethora of locally owned restaurants, the number of bars and the area’s  housing prices helped push the River City into the top 20, above such towns as Hattiesburg, Miss., and Newark, Del.

Speaking of Delaware, any mention of the “First State” always reminds me of this:

The top city on the list? Ocean City, Md., home of saltwater taffy and delicious boardwalk fries.

But I’m a little dubious about the No. 2 city — I’ve never heard anyone refer to Honolulu as affordable.

Click here to see a slideshow of the winners.

(Photo: Andre Jenny/Newscom)